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10th April 2010

Our latest actions

During the past few months we made several trips in Greece in order to acquire fine specimens for our customers.

We visited mineral dealers in Chalkidiki and acquired some of the last fine pieces from the "Cassandra mines". The crisis has not affected the prices in minerals. On the contrary, local dealers who are the only people who still own a few pieces from these mines and are not knowledgeable at all about minerals and their prices, are trying to earn a lot more from their old pieces. However, we have managed to get the best pieces we could, in affordable prices and these are some of the last.

We also visited mineral dealers in Lavrion. The prices are somewhat better there, because some specimens still come out of the old mines. You will see most of the material we bought available here.

Apart from buying, Chris also digs in some promising localities. One of these localities is some altered rocks in the Xanthi's granite, near a village called "Kimmeria". Very good epidote specimens have been found there. Stay tuned and you will definetely see a killer piece being offered here!

Of course, there are more and very important localities in Greece and we promise to offer you the best pieces we acquire at all price levels.