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5th November 2010

Munich 2010 show report

I decided to make a small report and post some pictures from the Munich show. There were only a few dealers with some minerals from Greece but I show those I found and picked up in the specimen updates, so I thought I should post some photos of other exciting minerals!

There were some superb exhibits from the Alps, I love those!

Fluorites and Smoky Quartzes from Mont Blanc.

Amethyst scepter on smoky quartz from Mont Blanc. These reminded me of the Greek alpine two colored scepters! Hopefully I will be able to offer a few Greek pieces here in the future, but these are extremely hard to come by!!

And finally, a mind-blowing huge Smoky Quartz with Fluorite specimen!

Of course, the theme of the show, Brazilian minerals were(in my opinion) the nicest exhibits of the show.

Tourmaline on Citrine.


A case with many outstanding juicy pieces(aquas, topaz, tourmalines etc).

What an aqua..!.

No comment.

There were plenty of amazing pieces on display, however, I did not see that many for sale and I have to mention here that some dealers would not allow to photograph their cabinets .

Nice show!