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2nd January 2011

Unique Quartz find from Drama

In March 2008, a new small find of unique beautiful quartz with siderite was made in a skarn zone in Kato Nevrokopi, near a village called "Panorama". The siderite is replaced by limonite in most specimens. The quartzes have several beautiful inclusions of hematite(hexagonal crystals), chlorite(green inclusions) and an unidentified white inclusion. The white and green inclusions occur as "balls" and form sharp phantoms in the quartzes. Sometimes the siderite is an inclusion too and in rare cases there is an additional fibrous unidentified inclusion. Furthermore, few bent crystals were recovered. The pocket was small and the average size of crystals is 2.5-3cm while the biggest crystal is a bit less than 6cm. Most of the specimens were single small crystals but a few clusters were found too and also some pieces with attached rhombs of limonite after siderite.

Here's a fine example:


I immediately acquired the best pieces of the find(about a dozen specimens) and kept these for a while in case something new popped out. The quartz vein that produced these specimens is now gone and no new pieces like these have been found, so I decided to offer them for sale here. In my opinion, although the find and size of specimens is small, it is very important for the collector or the quartz collector. It is one of those local finds that never hit the market and remain in private collections..

Feel free to browse the new pieces in the "New Specimens" section of the website.