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10th March 2015

March Sales!

We are launching a new sales period, active from now, until the end of March. This time, the amount of discount correlates with how old the ID of each specimen is. This is mainly because we want to liquidate our older specimens so that we can renew our inventory. You will certainly find some real bargains!

Here is how discounts are:
IDs 947-934: 5%-off +free shipping
IDs 933-895: 10%-off +free shipping
IDs 894-855: 15%-off +free shipping
IDs 854-800: 20%-off +free shipping
IDs 799-700: 25%-off +free shipping
IDs 699-500: 30%-off +free shipping
IDs 499-001: 50%-off

Just contact us through the contact form for the specimens of your interest!