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20th April 2015

REE Adamite & Smithsonite!

I have just finished updating the website with some excellent specimens from a new find that was made in the Hilarion mine!
There are many interesting items in there!

In November of 2014, a new exciting find was made in the Hilarion mine!
When I first saw this find, I had no clue the adamites had REEs in their structure. However, I was amazed by the combination, sparkle and colors and I bought almost everything. To my big, pleasant surprise, I discovered the REEs when I gave them for analysis! The adamite s color in this find ranges from blue to green. The blues are mostly Ce-rich and the greens contain both Ce and other REEs. We found more than 1% Dy in a sample! The smithsonites which are mostly colorless are mostly sitting on the adamites, in some cases covering the whole specimen and their color is due to the underlying adamite. Aragonite is also associated in some cases. To my knowledge, this is the first time ever, that we have a whole find of beautiful specimens with REE adamite! This makes this material highly appreciated by knowledgable collectors! Super rare and Beautiful!

We have sold 521 specimens through the website and thousands of specimens in off-website deals.