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Build your Greek Mineral Suite with us!

Find out why and how to build a Greek Mineral Suite for your collection.

– Take a sneak peek at how your showcase could look like with some high-quality Greek mineral choices from us! –

Why Greek Minerals?

If you are trying to figure out what to collect, or looking to expand your collection with a new suite, these are the reasons why we recommend that you should go for a Greek mineral suite, or entire collection:

  • Rarity in Availability: Greek Minerals are seldom seen on the market and are mainly being offered by us. You won’t own something that everyone else already has.
  • Rare Species: A Greek Suite usually includes rare species, some of which are found at their best in Greece.
  • Variety: Greece has a great variety of species, colors, forms, combinations etc. You will not be bored with just a few good species.
  • Aesthetics: The really good Greek material can be beautiful and you will always be pleased when looking at your Greek suite.
  • Greek Minerals are Classics: Most of the Greek localities, especially the “best ones” are classic localities. Several species that can be found in Greek localities beat the European standards and are European classics. Some of them are the best in the world.
  • Historical Value: The birth of mineralogy, took place in Greece, a few thousand years ago. Some of the Greek mines that are now known for their fine minerals, used to supply ancient Greeks with precious metals, thus funding one of the most important civilizations in the history of mankind.

Why buy from GreekRocks?

GreekRocks was formed by one of the most passionate Greek mineral collectors (specialized in Fine & Rare minerals from Greece), former rockhound, geologist and mineral dealer, Christos Spiromitros. Chris has tons of experience in this field, having dealt with most local collectors, rockhounds & dealers and has handled some of the finest Greek mineral specimens since 2004. In addition to the experience and expert knowledge, we offer more:

  • Variety: Greece is not one locality. There are several localities in Greece producing more than 500species overall. Our inventory offers choices from various Greek localities and we always try to have as many different species from as many different Greek localities possible.
  • Quality: Quantity matters, but quality matters the most in mineral collecting. We offer the best possible quality at all price levels.
  • Guarantee of quality: If you bought a specimen from us that used to be top, but a new find we now have includes a better specimen, you have the right to return your specimen and get a replacement by paying the price difference.
  • Guarantee of safe delivery: Insured shipments usually cost too much. We do not charge insurance (keeping postage costs at a minimum), but your specimens are insured by us, in case of loss or damage during transit.
  • No Fakes or Mistreated Specimens: Some sellers from Greece usually sell fakes. Some others sell repaired specimens without telling you so. Some others sell “Greek” minerals that actually come from another country. Some others use “preparation” methods that change the natural look of the minerals in order to make them look nicer and sell them, but never inform you about it. We frown upon people who use these methods and you will never experience something like this from us. It is extremely important to have a trustworthy source for your minerals or you may end up being deceived.
  • We are a legal business and your purchases are legitimate: A problem with many mineral sellers in Greece is that most of them are not legally allowed to sell. Buying from an illegal seller may result in issues with the law. If you want to verify whether a Greek seller is legal or not, ask for their VAT number (they are obligated to provide you with this number) and check it with the VIES system: If you don’t get a verification, avoid buying from them. Some of them often use other websites to sell; this does not make their actions legal, they are just using these selling platforms to camouflage their illegal activity. Not to mention the immoral and unfair competition.
  • We know and love what we sell: It is important to buy from people who are knowledgeable about their products. We are not only experts but we also love our minerals.
  • Special discounts for returning customers: We do offer better deals for customers who keep buying from us.
  • Convenient terms of payment: We are open to discuss a payment plan that will help you get what you need. Simply contact us and we will figure it out!
  • We will help you sell: If you are trying to sell a specimen you bought from us, we will gladly assist you by trying to sell it for you. Contact us to discuss the terms of consignment.

Make us your Exclusive supplier of Greek Minerals. Benefit even more!

If you have read the “Why buy from GreekRocks” section of this page, you already know why you should buy from us. If you want to buy Greek Minerals for your Greek suite exclusively from us, you get even more benefits:

  • Even Better prices – The more you buy, the less you pay!
  • Free consultation – We will spend time and share our knowledge with you.
  • Free evaluation of what you may already own from Greece!
  • Check the specimens in person before deciding to buy, free of shipping costs!
  • We will keep you updated, the moment we have news.
  • Priority: Fine minerals from Greece are very hard to come by. Become an exclusive buyer and you will be among the first who see our great new material, moments after we acquired it.

Contact us and lets start discussing about building your Greek Suite! If you have a low budget, please do not hesitate. We can offer options at nearly all price levels.

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