Amethyst & Hematite

Dasoto, Kato Nevrokopi, Drama, Greece

Species: Amethyst, Hematite, Quartz
Locality: Dasoto, Kato Nevrokopi, Drama, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 2.6x2.3x1.5cm
Size: Thumbnail
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Despite the relatively small overall size, this is a great Greek amethyst from this remote, alpine-type locality. Firstly the quality is excellent with fine clarity, excellent purple color and very good luster. The piece has a phantom and as a bonus, it also has inclusions of hematite as red lines inside the crystal. This is not all, the piece is a doubly terminated floater with the unique and characteristic for the locality lamellar structure, reminiscent of an onion-like growth, combined with the classic habit. The final touch is this extra-cute colorless sidecar quartz crystal that adds even more character to this more than interesting, fine Greek amethyst.