Aquamarine & Schorl

Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan

Species: Aquamarine, Schorl
Locality: Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Specimen Dimensions: 7.1x2.8x2.0cm
Size: Small Cabinet
Availability: Available


I must note that this specimen is better in person. It is a quite large for the quality, complete all around crystal of beryl var. aquamarine with some contrasting black schorl on it. About half of the crystal or more is gem quality with quite good color for this level of transparency. The funny area near the base is not damage just some interuption with bits of matrix. There is no damage on the specimen apart from some trivial edgewear on the termination. The photos show all sides of the specimen. It is too hard to show the transparency in the photos so I wrote down the word Aqua with a red pen on a piece of paper and photographed it. I only wrote it once but it appears three times at the photo because of the optical properties of the crystal!


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