Arsenopyrite Dolomite & Quartz

Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece

Species: Arsenopyrite, Dolomite, Quartz
Locality: Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 9.0x6.9x2.8cm
Size: Small Cabinet
Availability: Sold


I have been collecting minerals from this locality for about 15 years. Bournonite is a classic from the mine but also extremely hard to obtain. When found, it is usually heavily damaged with big fragments of the crystals missing and the crystals are usually small. This piece hosts a very large (for Greece) cluster of bournonites measuring 3.2x2.4cm and single crystals to 1.6cm! They have a few chips but their shape is nicely preserved! The whole specimen is nice with contrasting white calcite, black crystals of sphalerite and pyrite!