Azurite Brochantite & Malachite

Christiana mine, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Azurite, Brochantite, Malachite
Locality: Christiana mine, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 3.3x2.5x2.1cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Available


This piece comes from the best Greek find of azurite to date, period. It was found in 2017 in a series of little pockets with no more than a few specimen inside each one. The place is finished with no chance of more coming out. Such crystals of azurite had never been seen from Greece before. And this is a fine example with an isolated, gemmy and lustrous crystals leaping out of the classic gossan matrix, with patches of green brochantite and malachite! ex. John Stefanopoulos Collection (we are selling the piece on consignment with the collector, no discounts can be applied on its price).


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