Azurite Smithsonite Adamite Aragonite & Malachite

Kamariza mines, Lavrion, Attica, Greece

Species: Azurite, Smithsonite, Adamite, Aragonite, Malachite
Locality: Kamariza mines, Lavrion, Attica, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 7.7x4.3x4.2cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Sold


This is a group of 5 good, miniature to small cabinet sized specimens from Lavrion. I selected some of the most popular species from this classic locality and it is a good, affordable addition to any collection or dealer inventory, at a wholesale price. The first piece is a fine, undamaged azurite floater from the Christiana mine, Lavrion (found in 2012). It measures 3.0x2.2x2.1cm. The second piece is an aragonite (Flor Ferri) from the Kamariza mines and it measures 7.7x4.3x4.2cm. The third piece is an adamite with aragonite from the Kamariza mines and it measures 5.6x3.7x1.7cm. The fourth specimen is a cuprian smithsonite (blue and pastel green colors) from the Hilarion mine, measuring 5.2x3.8x2.2cm. The fifth specimen is a fine malachite from the Christiana mine that measures 7.8x3.7x3.0cm. If you are a dealer thinking of buying this as a small lot for resale, please keep in mind that our retail value of these specimens is an average of 100$ per specimen. A great deal for anyone!