Cuprite, Azurite, Adamite, Zincolivenite, Goethite

Christiana mine, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Cuprite, Azurite, Adamite, Zincolivenite, Goethite, Gypsum
Locality: Christiana mine, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 5.0x2.2x1.0cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Available


A crazy combo specimen with nice form. The "matrix" is composed of goethite which in some areas certainly is a pseudomorph after gypsum perhaps the entire formation is. On top it, the piece is "dressed up" with various copper minerals including azurite, adamite, zincolivenite and cuprite. A fine and classic Lavrion piece from the Christiana mine.

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