Kamariza mines, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Fluorite
Locality: Kamariza mines, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 9.6x9.0x6.0cm
Size: Small Cabinet
Availability: Sold


Firstly I have to mention that this was a small find with heavy heavy damages in 99% of the material that I saw and a handful of pieces were decent enough for a collector. Regardless, I bought it for the special character it has and incredible rarity of the style for Greece. This one is even more special. You do not see blue fluorite from Greece, not like this one. The piece shows well sized, cubic crystals of fluorite with blue interiors and purple phantoms on the periphery. Most corners were naturally cleaved and those on the display side are rehealed so we are lucky enough to have such piece with its main display size in decent condition. I must note that these colors come out with some proper backlighting, the piece does not look as nice without the proper lighting, as many fluorites in the world. An impressive and very rare Greek fluorite! There is no better example in the lot that I got and I supposedly got them all.