Megala Pefka mines, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Fluorite
Locality: Megala Pefka mines, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 12.5x7.8x4.8cm
Size: Cabinet
Availability: Sold


Getting a good Greek fluorite is no easy task, because there have only been a few really good ones. This is an excellent example with good luster and purple color on the faces with the interior being colorless. This style is unique and only came from that pocket. Condition wise, there are a few areas of damage that do not detract and are not easy to notice and the piece is stabilized as some parts of it were not holding together very well. It is illustrated in the book of Berthold Ottens "Griechenland" showcasing some of the best mineral specimens from Greek localities. ex Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos Collection.