Fluorite, Sphalerite & Dolomite

Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee, USA

Species: Fluorite, Sphalerite, Dolomite
Locality: Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee, USA
Specimen Dimensions: 7.8x5.7x3.2cm
Size: Small Cabinet
Availability: Sold


I love this one. The fluorites show a beautiful, strong purple color with color zoning and have great luster. They are sharp and curved at the same time. The sharp and lustrous sphalerite in the middle is gemmy with a reddish color but I could not show it on the photos. Even the matrix is nice, it is composed of whitish, rhombic curved crystals of dolomite. I would have said it is undamaged but after inspecting it closely, I found one chip on the fluorite which is quite hard to notice.