Greek Mix - 154 pieces!


Species: Adamite, Fluorite, Linarite, Smithsonite, Garnet, Epidote, Baryte, Aragonite, Calcite, Quartz
Locality: Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 4.0x3.0x2.0cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Sold


This is a total of 154 specimens from Greece! The lot includes:
x13 fluorites from Kamariza mines, Lavrion, Greece
x16 Linarites from King Arthur mine, Kirki, Greece
x31 Smithsonite from Lavrion, Greece
x18 Cuprian Adamites from Hilarion mine, Lavrion, Greece
x26 Adamites from Lavrion, Greece
x6 Barytes from Plaka mines, Lavrion, Greece
x7 Aragonite/Calcite specimens from Lavrion, Greece
x37 Epidote or Garnet specimens from Xanthi, Greece
The sizes vary from Thumbnail to Cabinet with the average size being miniature. This lot makes a big, quite heavy package and also takes time to pack, please give us at least 4-5 days to pack and ship. This is a great deal with good room for profit. The price is fixed in a way that even combined with the shipping costs, the average cost per piece is still very low. A true wholesale deal. At this price though it is not possible to provide further details as the time required to get and write down the details, costs more than the price asked. We uploaded some snapshots and videos on google drive. This is actually 5x2 lots combined to one.
Here is the link to google drive:
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