Lavrion Mineral Mix - 19pcs

Lavrion, Greece

Species: Smithsonite, Adamite, Azurite, Gypsum, Mimetite, Fluorite, Baryte, Aragonite, Calcite, Conichalcite
Locality: Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 0.0x0.0x0.0cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Sold


A mix of nice mineral specimens from Lavrion! Includes: 6 smithsonites, 2 adamites, 2 fluorites, 2 Aragonites, 2 Calcites, 1 Gypsum, 1 baryte, 1 mimetite, 1 Azurite, 1 Conichalcite/Azurite. This can be the start of a Lavrion collection! The smallest piece measures 4.1cm across and the biggest one is 11.8cm across with an average size of apx 6.5cm