Rhodochrosite psm Calcite, Quartz, Pyrite

Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece

Species: Rhodochrosite, Quartz, Pyrite
Locality: Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 22.3x14.2x10.5cm
Size: Museum
Availability: Available


What a piece! It is huge and not flat, it has good relief and a fine architecture. The rhombs are pseudomorphs of pastel pink rhodochrosite after calcite! They are covered with drusy quartz that gives them a sugary luster. Some pyrite can be found in the matrix though not on the display side. Condition wise, this is a good as it gets from this old, closed locality. There is only the typical peripheral wear from the extraction of the piece and a relatively small missing piece near the upper section of the specimen (barely worth mentioning in my opinion).


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