Sklodowskite on Ram's Horn Gypsum

Plaka mines, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Sklodowskite, Gypsum
Locality: Plaka mines, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 6.3x3.8x2.3cm
Size: Miniature
Availability: Available


Sklodowskite has only been found in Greece from this pocket and it is the only example of a nicely crystallized uranium mineral from Greece. A small percentage of the sklodowskites were on or in, ram's horn gypsum. There are the tip-top of the find. I am offering a small selection of some fine examples of this beautiful and extremely rare combination. Other uranium minerals were also associated so it is possible that they are co-existing with the sklodowskite on some of these specimens. A fine and representative example of the combination!

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