Jean Baptiste mine, Lavrion, Greece

Species: Smithsonite
Locality: Jean Baptiste mine, Lavrion, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 13.1x8.4x4.8cm
Size: Cabinet
Availability: Available


As soon as I bought this specimen a few years ago, I immediately put it into my personal collection. I loved it. I have seen thousands of smithsonites from Lavrion but none with a such a color, luster, form and size. The has a rainbow of colors ranging from orange to brick reddish and beige. It shows fine luster and is cabinet-sized. The formation is beautiful and shows botryoidal but also rounded crystals of smithsonite! Conditon-wise it has three small areas with damage with the two being very hard to notice and the one being at the right upper side is easy to hide by displaying the piece sitting on its base. This is so different than so many smithsonite and quite frankly, I do not recall any other smithsonite locality producing such a color and form.


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