Stibnite Pyrrhotite Pyrite & Quartz

Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece

Species: Stibnite, Pyrrhotite, Pyrite, Quartz
Locality: Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 14.4x12.7x4.8cm
Size: Cabinet
Availability: Sold


Large, rich, rare and excellent, OLD classic stibnite specimen from this classic and closed locality. Unlike all other Chalkidiki stibnites we have seem, this one is not etched! It most probably is associated with pyrrhotite and it also hosts minor pyrite and quartz. The stibnite might have partly altered to stibiconite on some areas. From my personal collection, I have never had anything like this!