Return Policy

Updated: March 2, 2020

We accept returns for 3 reasons:

  1. The specimen arrived damaged:
    • You must provide us with a good video of the box prior to opening it (that shows it was not unsealed by anyone) and during unboxing it, until you hold it in your hands. Without this video, we cannot accept the return as there will be no proof that the specimen broke during transit.
    • If the specimen arrived damaged, you need to pack it carefully and ship it back to us. You will get a full refund as soon as it arrives. We can only send refunds via PayPal regardless of the method that was used to pay us. Please make sure that you have a valid PayPal account before purchasing from us. The refund does not include your cost of shipping it back to us. You may negotiate a partial refund or credit for future orders and keep the specimen(s). Please ship back tracked parcels only. You must have proof that we actually received any items that were sent back to us. We cannot refund items we never got back.
    • You must let us know that the specimen(s) arrived damaged within 2 business days from the date the package appears to have been delivered by the carrier.
  2. The specimen is not of your taste (act fast!)
    • You reserve the right to return a specimen that you do not like when viewing it in person. No questions asked from our end.
    • You must let us know with 48hours of the specimen(s) pick up (as soon as it is delivered). If you could not pick up the parcel and more than 7 days have passed since it arrived to local post office, courier, etc , we will not accept the return.
    • We can only send refunds via PayPal regardless of the method that was used to pay us.
  3. We have a similar better specimen and you want to upgrade.
    • In this case, please contact us to negotiate the terms of such a transaction.
    • We will estimate the value of both specimens and subtract the difference for you to pay, not the price paid for the old specimen minus the pricetag of the new one. For example, a currently “on sale” will be valued at its full price, new finds might have affected the prices of older specimens, etc.
    • If you trimmed, cleaned or changed the specimen in any way, we reserve the right to refuse the return.

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