Adamite on Calcite

Christiana mine, Lavrion, Attica, Greece

Species: Adamite, Calcite
Locality: Christiana mine, Lavrion, Attica, Greece
Specimen Dimensions: 10.5x8.5x2.7cm
Size: Cabinet
Availability: Sold


In early 2017, some of the finest European adamite specimens that I have ever seen were discovered in the Christiana mine. The find was quite large but the good material was limited to no more than 50 specimens. I bought everything that was available! This is an excellent example from this find with lime-green-yellow color and fine luster. What impresses me the most is the large size of the pinwheels-balls of adamite which is remarkable for the locality, the good contrast with the matrix and the great overall aesthetics of the specimen. A fine addition to any collection and a superb addition to a more specialized collection focused on European or Greek minerals.